Smoking Hot Ladies of MMA

Some MMA women are not only known for their deadly skills in the octagon. They also have killer looks that can rival any famous actress or model! They add glamor and chic to an otherwise brutal sport, and their bodies, looks, and personalities will give you the best workout motivation! So check out the smoking hot ladies of MMA!

Ronda Rousey

We’ll kick off our list with none other than the smoking hot Ronda Rousey! “Rowdy” Rousey used to be a top UFC fighter as well as a WWE wrestler. She inherited her nickname from Roddy “Rowdy” Piper, who was one of the famous faces in professional wrestling. Ronda Rousey’s career in mixed martial arts began after she won an Olympic medal in 2008. She nailed her King of the Cage debut and made her way into the UFC Hall of Fame within a decade.


What’s more, this blonde bombshell is often seen on fashion photoshoots. One of the most notable examples was her wild Sports Illustrated shoot with body paint. As for Rowdy’s MMA track record, she holds 14 wins and only two losses.

Amber Stautzenberger

With a 6–4 win-loss record, Amber Stautzenberger is an impressive female fighter from Texas. She also has one of the most innocent “girl next door” looks in martial arts.


Nicknamed the “Apex Predator,” this professional MMA fighter has a smoking hot body but a gentle and innocent disposition. Additionally, she’s a painter and a mom, but her tight body will give you some serious lifestyle or fitness goals! The “Apex Predator” has won several titles for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as other MMA awards in the early 2010s.

Jenae Noonan

Jenae Noonan, aka “Turbo,” is one of the hottest redheads in sports, period! She’s a boxer, kickboxer, MMA fighter, and model all rolled into one. Plus, “Turbo” also holds motivational speeches as a guest lecturer and is a dedicated vegan. Most notably, Jenae Noonan represented the U.S. at the World Games twice as part of Team USA.

In 2016, she won the gold medal and became the MMA National Champion. Moreover, Noonan also scored a best-seller when she wrote “Fighter: Living Life Like a Champion.”

Michelle ‘The Karate Hottie’ Waterson

The “Karate Hottie” is one of the most attractive and most famous martial artists ever! Michelle Waterson was raised in Colorado, but she is of Thai descent. In school, she was obsessed with gymnastics but couldn’t afford them. Instead, she took karate, which is where her nickname comes from. In 2006, she became famous when she competed on Fight Girls, a Muay Thai-themed reality show. The “Karate Hottie” is also an expert in boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Wushu.


As a female MMA fighter, she holds a 26–18 win-loss record. Plus, it only takes one look at her social media feed to see why she’s so vivacious! Waterson posts tons of images of her toned body, along with many empowering self-motivation posts that could get you through the day.

Gina ‘Crush’ Carano

Gina Carano is among the most famous girls on this list as she transitioned from fighting to acting. You’ve probably seen her in movies like Fast & Furious, Deadpool, or Extraction, along with TV shows like The Mandalorian.


Still, the “Crush” had a massive wrestling career and landed a 7–1 record in Strikeforce and EliteXC in the late 2000s. She even came close to being the face of MMA for women but rejected the title.


Eventually, Gina withdrew from her fighting career after being defeated by Cris Cyborg. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll see that she’s also one of the most attractive female fighters. She often shares throwback photos of her training along with adorable selfies that show off her mystifying facial features.

Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern is a rising UFC strawweight who has won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the ADCC championship before the age of 30! She also ranks as the former #1 IBJJF competitor and is the fifth overall strawweight competitor in the UFC. Her training started at the age of three, and she currently fights for RVCA. Even though she has deadly fighting skills, Dern is also known for her killer looks and gorgeous smile!

Anastasia Yankova

Anastasia Yankova, or the “Russian Valkyrie,” is one of the fittest Bellator MMA fighters. She was inspired to learn Kyokushin at an early age after being fascinated with the iconic Xena: Warrior princess. After successfully competing in kickboxing and Muay Thai tournaments, she set out to conquer MMA.


Currently, she has nine wins and two losses in kickboxing. She also has five wins with no losses in MMA. What’s more, Yankova has a Nike sponsorship, and her hot looks are often the focus of many Nike commercials.

Paige VanZant

When it comes to MMA women, we can’t ignore Paige VanZant. This blonde stunner possesses all the traits of a typical American beauty and then some. VanZant used to be in the UFC flyweight division. However, she reportedly signed a $1 million contract to transition to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in 2020.


Nicknamed “12 Gauge,” VanZant has a 13–8 win-loss record and a purple belt in BJJ. She also loves dirt bike riding, fishing, and the outdoors. She debuted in MMA in 2012 at the Premier Fight Series 2 and won against Amber Stautzenberger.


You may also remember Paige from shows like Dancing with the Stars or Chopped. Additionally, VanZant uses an aggressive grappling style, dirty boxing, and clinch striking. Trust us, these moves are even more dangerous when performed by a gorgeous 5’ 4” blonde with piercing blue eyes!

Alexandra Albu

Alexandra “Stitch” Albu is one of the most ripped MMA girls out there! This stunning brunette has a toned and muscular physique that gives her a major advantage in the octagon. She has won several CrossFit, bodybuilding, and karate competitions, and she fights out of Moscow, Russia. Unfortunately, this beauty injured her knee during her debut UFC fight against Julie Kedzie in 2013.


After that, Albu underwent a two-year hiatus. She eventually returned to UFC. Earlier this year, reports claimed that Albu left the UFC to study intellectual property. Nevertheless, she’s still an official representative of Russia whose IG feed will give you the best incentive to exercise.

Juli Firso

Juli Firso owns the first martial arts academy for women in Russia, and she is a certified Muay Thai trainer. Firso has a jaw-dropping physique and some insane fighting skills! She’s an expert in kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. Plus, Frisco has a huge following on Instagram, and she shares motivational posts to nearly 240k fans! Finally, she’s only 24 years old, and we hope to see much more of her in the future.